Events and Press

Upcoming Dates:

We’ve launched a Patreon!

Cabaret Audacity Presents: Vaudeville Open-Mic Every Third Wednesday at the SIDEWINDERS BAR Cabaret Theater VOM starting in 2017!

Alibi Fetish Events is throwing events from Formals to Carnivals in Albuquerque, all designed to offer next level entertainment and connect our local kinksters and the curious together. Follow the Weekly Alibi on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and keep your eye out for #alibifetishevents! Join our group on Fetlife feel free to friend NuCity and follow JulianWolf.

For up to the minute updates and events, please go “like” Professional Julian on Facebook.


The Kinky Cast interviewed Julian focusing primarily on adult kink education and Good Vibrations interviewed Julian for their Sex Educator Profiles.

Julian offers advice via Dating AdviceBustle, Your Tango, and the Weekly Alibi.

Fearless Press features Julian’s column “the Hedonist Dandy.” The magazine also offers some of the best by a great variety of some of the best.

Find Julian anytime at Kink Academy, worth every penny for the virtual education you can receive. Passionate U offers some great skills in a more vanilla friendly setting.


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